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Properties in Trivandrum: Why it’s the right time to invest

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This investment avenue is one of the most preferred options, due to the convenience and flexibility it offers. When it comes to investment, we, have always believed in popular investment options: Gold, Real Estate, Mutual Funds.

Investing in Goldis ingrained in every household in India, thanks to the affordability and assured returns while reselling. The risk in Mutual Funds is spread across and hence, reduced with the pooling of diverse stocks. With stocks, you have to do extensive research before investing, especially if you are a novice investor. It have remained an eternal favourite amongst the general market.Investing in Real Estate is considered to be rock-solid because of the higher returns in the long run.

In today’s scenario, the market is slow and buyers are few. During these trying times, when scenarios are uncertain, residential Real Estate is the safest investment option as it offers maximum stability. Therefore, you will find several attractive financing options to buy your dream home It’s also a great time to upgrade to a larger home or expand your budget for a better option.

Real estate bids you more control of your investment as your property is the tangible asset that you simply leverage to maximize various revenue streams, whereas enjoying capital appreciation.

Subdued property prices, low interest rate, reduced stamp duty and availability of newly launched and ready-to-move-in properties make 2021 the right time to invest in real estate. The ongoing pandemic has made people realise the significance of owning a home.

The tax benefits for the investments in real estate are numerous. It relies on the investors and how they use these investments to the best of their advantage. You’ll be able to get tax deductions on mortgage interest, income from investment properties, operational expenses & prices, insurance, depreciation, property taxes, and many other benefits. These breaks in taxes are truly helpful to people who deal with real estate as their long term business.

Lot of benefit plans are there, so at current rates, buying a property instead of paying rent is an extremely attractive option for homebuyers. But when prices rise, it will not be as attractive. The markets are already sending positive signals. So stop your thinking – go ahead and buy your dream home today. Because this opportunity won’t last for long.

In Kerala, every city and town are equally developed, amongst the five big cities in Kerala, Trivandrum is again the adjudged the best city to live in. As it is the state capital, the infrastructure here is great as compared to other cities and basic facilities like water and electricity supply are quite consistent here. No other cities have state government support unlike Trivandrum. Trivandrum has over 100km of UN approved roads, Legislative Assembly,a good public transportation system and green open parks. The city performs well on all live ability parameters, ranking it top most in the country. Apart from being the capital of India’s most literate and socially developed state,

As for settling, Trivandrum is an abode for various government establishments like Technopark, Techno city, lot of job opportunities, shopping malls, international airport, Vizhinjam port and numerous alternative projects lead to the huge range of people within the town who later turn out to be permanent settlers. The advent of Techno Park, Techno city has converted the area to a bustling and vibrant hub of activity and brings along a rich population of young settlers. There are also families who prefer the city for the education of their children in the best of institutions and international schools.

Now the city has also emerged as one of the biggest ever IT hub of India over the years making it a sought after destination by professionals all over the world to come and settle down with their family.

Trivandrum also, famous with its rich cultural heritage making it one of the best tourist destinations in the country, known for the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, the backwaters of Poovar and Anchuthengu and its Western Ghats tracts of Ponmudi and the Agastyamala. The capital city of Trivandrum is known for its old world charm and charismatic ambience.

It is no surprise that being one of the major capital cities in India, Trivandrum has shown tremendous growth in the real estate market over the past few years, especially in the apartments and villas sector. Trivandrum is a city where you can begin with small-scale investments. This is because the market is currently a buyer’s one and you can get good quality properties at reasonable prices. Now the demands for residential homes in Trivandrum as well as the apartments, flats and villas are more. This is because of the ease of access to all the necessities for a well-being in Trivandrum. Knowing this reality most of the developers have come up with totally different choices from budget to high-end luxury apartments and villas at most cost-effective money plans.

There are a lot of options for those looking to own an apartment in Trivandrum. Before you jump in to see homes, think of what you want from your home. Have a list of amenities that are essential to you, and another list of amenities that are negotiable. This helps you set your priorities straight and strike down budget-breaker deals, without compromising on required features. When you have clarity over what you want, selection becomes easier and more efficient. There is no dearth of information about apartments or real estate in the city. The people are friendly and you can conveniently ask around, see sample flats to know exactly what you are getting and browse for homes online too. Because there are government offices aplenty and these are mostly headquarters, you can have all your queries regarding documentation, registration and taxes cleared when you are buying an apartment.

The real estate world is no longer a seller’s monopoly, the buyer too gets to roll the dice, so you can expect reasonable prices coming your way. But with real estate, investments may take time to generate your returns. The returns, however, will pay back well in a decent amount of time. Serious investors are pitching in at Trivandrum, seeing the future is pretty vibrant and fast growing for the city. The capital is on the fast track to big developments and rapid changes, so it is an excellent time to get your investments on before the demand shoots up to escalate the prices.

When looking for a place to settle with your family, Trivandrum is an ideal location, it has the availability of good flats and apartment complexes that suit different budgets, equipped with the amenities of your choice. In terms of investment, Trivandrum is a fast growing city with unlimited potential and the demand for apartments and Villas will always be on the rise. Considering the probabilities of future developments, investments in Property, Flats in Trivandrum will be a good choice. There is lush greenery and a serene ambience in Trivandrum that you can enjoy always if you invest in a home in Trivandrum, Kerala. If you like to live in a calm atmosphere than the hustle and bustle of a city then Trivandrum is a better choice.

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